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The privacy of the users of the IZS Sicily isa very important topic and it is also one of the cornerstones of the federation IDEM.

To access the services offered by IDEM Federation prompted the Identity Provider (IdP) the release of certain attributes owned by the user that requests the service.

The Federation is committed to IDEM agreed with the Service Provider (SP) release of only the attributes necessary to provide the service.

For this reason, our Identity Provider releases only a subset of information extracted from the list on the page of information.


In general they are released:


Personal information

  • commonName (Name and Surname)

  • surname (Surname)

  • givenName (Name)

  • title (title, ex: Dr., Ing.)



  • telephoneNumber (telephone Number)

  • email (email address)

  • preferredLanguage (preferred language)

  • title (title, ex: Dr., Ing.)


Organization of Membership

  • eduPersonOrgDN (Organizzazione di appartenenza)

  • eduPersonOrgUnitDN (ID Office of belonging within the organization)

  • eduPersonAffiliation (student, staff, member, alumn, affiliate)

  • eduPersonScopedAffiliation (Type of affiliation to the organization to which they belong)


Otheridentifiers (opaque)

  • eduPersonTargetedID

  • transientId


For more information, visit the IDEM federation site.